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【anh em xoilac】Progressives trash ‘status quo’ Biden running in 2024: He ‘must’ step down
发布日期:2023-03-26 10:17:00
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Judge Jeanine Pirro: Biden relies on the 'stupidity of the American people'

‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss claims from the House Oversight Committee that several members of the Biden family allegedly received $3 million from a Chinese energy company. 

Several prominent progressive Democratic Party members argued that President Joe Biden should not run for re-election in 2024 due to his age, commitment to the "status quo," and failure to adequately combat alleged right-wing authoritarianism.

Progressive news outlet The Nation rounded up the opinions of eleven prominent left-wing contributors on the re-election topic and most of them claimed that it is time for someone new to lead the Democratic Party. 

Recognizable liberals including former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich and former Ohio state senator Nina Turner argued that it is time for their party to at least consider other options.

Not doing so is "a betrayal to progress," Turner said.


Many on left are urging President Biden not to run for re-election in 2024.

Many on left are urging President Biden not to run for re-election in 2024. (SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

Prior to presenting the pundits’ assessments, the outlet noted the low number of Democrats who want Biden to run again. It opened its piece, stating, "Joe Biden has given every indication that he plans to seek a second term. But alarm bells went off when a February Associated Press poll found that only 37 percent of Democrats wanted him to run again."

It added, "While many D.C. Democrats say they’re on board for a reelection run, we wanted to know what prominent progressive Democrats, left-leaning independents, and battleground-state activists were thinking. So we asked them whether the president should run again."

The opinions that followed indicated that many on the left of the party do not want him to run. 

Former New Hampshire legislator and gubernatorial candidate Arnie Arnesan told the outlet he doesn’t believe Biden can meet the "Urgency of the moment." 

Noting the dire predicament facing Democrats, he said, "It’s about ‘this’ moment. This moment when white Christian nationalists and the radical right that control the public coffers of nearly two dozen states are moving forward at lightning speed to advance the implementation of their authoritarian schemes."

He declared, "Biden’s presidency is most assuredly one of great accomplishment. But this moment demands a leader who is ready to shatter our complacency and slam back against a terrifying future. Joe Biden does not fit that description."


"Don't Run Joe" billboard in DC put out by far left Democrat Party members who do not want President Joe Biden to run for re-election.

"Don't Run Joe" billboard in DC put out by far left Democrat Party members who do not want President Joe Biden to run for re-election. (Don't Run Joe Campaign)

Less condemning of Biden, but supportive of a new candidate to challenge him in the race, former Communications Workers of America president Larry Cohen wrote, "Biden and national Democratic House and Senate majority leaders Jeffries and Schumer all need to be challenged on their commitment to real change versus slick messaging."

Explaining why, he added, "They have reversed on their commitment to battle the climate crisis and are now refusing to limit new fossil production. They talk a good union game but walk on the sidelines and refuse to hold federal contractors accountable for violating our lowest-in-the-world labor standards."

Trade unionist Bill Fletcher Jr. slammed Biden, claiming, "the Biden administration has failed to mount a full counterattack against right-wing authoritarianism and has additionally failed to inspire its supporters and potential supporters with the identification of the steps necessary to fully address the combined economic and environmental crises facing the planet."

He also ripped the president’s age, saying, "I am not trying to be ageist, but the time has come for a new generation to assume leadership. This is critical in appreciating that time is running out to save the planet from environmental disaster, further economic polarization, and devastating war."

Former Lt. Governor of Wisconsin Barbara Lawton was more forceful about not wanting Biden back, saying, "My stomach clenches at the prospect of a venerable president becoming incapable of strong leadership for all the dangers of aging past 80, at the inevitable wince-worthy moments that may accrue to the point of putting our nation at risk."

She added, "The time for his announcement that he will step down will necessarily be an artful decision, but it must come."


President Biden said he plans to run for re-election, despite voters suggesting they want someone else in 2024. 

President Biden said he plans to run for re-election, despite voters suggesting they want someone else in 2024.  (Fox News)

"Healthy California Now" President Michael Lighty claimed that Biden’s "presidential action has fallen short" under Biden. He said, "Key anti-poverty programs have expired. The forced deal that took away rail workers’ right to strike and the tepid response to airline maleficence reveal an establishment approach that ensures nothing will fundamentally change under a second Biden term."

Reich seemed less charged on the issue, arguing that Biden should run if he wants to, though he mentioned that Biden’s age may be a problem in winning in 2024. He said, "If it’s Trump, Biden can do it. He’s already beaten him once, and Trump is no spring chicken. If Republicans put up a younger candidate, the age issue will be a major problem for Biden."

Continuing to slam his age, Reich claimed, "I can tell you from experience and observation that the job of the American presidency is physically and mentally grueling even for people in their 40s. If reelected, Biden would be 86 at the end of his second term (assuming he made it to the end). That’s deeply worrying." 

Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant shot down the idea, saying, "No, Biden should not run again. Working people are suffering from a historic cost-of-living crisis as Democrats fail to deliver. From dropping the $15 minimum wage to abandoning his health care ‘public option,’ Biden has based himself entirely on what is acceptable to big business."

RootsAction.org National Director Norman Solomon told The Nation, "In 2024, Joe Biden will represent the status quo if he runs for reelection—and that’s ominous." He added, "The extreme crises that we face require bold, progressive leadership of the kind that President Biden has not provided."

And Turner noted there at least must be some challengers to Biden’s run, saying, "A robust debate of ideas is needed now more than ever. The American people deserve to have choice in their lives and having multiple candidates to choose from in a presidential election is no different." 


She concluded, "The 2024 presidential election cycle should not be a trite exercise in voting for someone just because they hold the office now. The measure must be based on a vision to provide provision for the people of this nation. Anything less is not only unpatriotic, it’s a betrayal to progress."


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